BushWang | MassBiologics cGMP Cultivation SuiteUMass Medical School
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MassBiologics cGMP Cultivation Suite
UMass Medical School

Boston & Fall River, MA


BushWang has worked with MassBiologics (MBL), a division of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, since the inception of the firm in 2008.  MassBiologics is the only non-profit, FDA-licensed vaccine manufacturing facility in the United States and their products are distributed widely within the US and in developing nations.


BushWang’s work with MBL has included:


  • Vector Manufacturing Suite (Grades A, B & C)
  • Purification Suite (ISO 7 & 8)
  • Tetanus & Diphtheria Cultivation Suite (ISO 8/Class 100,000)
  • Cell Bank Lab and associated Support Spaces (ISO 8/Class 100,000)
  • Bacterial Lab (ISO 8/Class 100,000)
  • No-Spore Lab (ISO 8/Class 100,000)
  • Media Preparation Lab (ISO 6/Class 1,000)
  • BL-2 Labs
  • Shipping and Dock Expansion
  • Office and Lobby Renovations
  • Water Reclamation Project